In Good Form

October 7, 2010

Most businesses use forms for one purpose or another in the course of their daily operations. Whether it’s an employment application, order form, invoice, or any number of other information-gathering documents, each form conveys an image of your company to those who see it. Their perception may be subliminal, but I guarantee they are forming an opinion – and whether it’s positive or negative depends on you.

There is an art to form design, just as there is in any printed document. If the type is too small, the spaces for filling in answers is insufficient, the order of information requested is illogical or the layout is jumbled, it makes the form so much more difficult to fill out efficiently. It’s that frustration that may translate to a less than stellar view of your business, even though your product or service may be excellent.

OK Type is experienced in creating forms that work well. Although a form’s design is necessarily utilitarian, there’s no rule that says it can’t be eye-pleasing as well.

Of course, many forms are exclusively used as printed documents meant to be filled in by hand. But more and more, forms are e-mailed to the recipient, filled out on their computer and returned electronically. The same layout can be used for both hard copy and electronic completion, but there are a few tricks that make the online process run more smoothly.

OK Type has been creating forms for more than 20 years. Let us design one for you!

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