Accessories Catalog

This was a 32-page, full-color print catalog for Modular Services Co. Making sure all photos were of sufficient resolution and CMYK color for print were important aspects of this job. A .pdf file of the entire document is available for viewing, if desired.


Product Line Catalog

This was a 100+ page catalog for Little Giant Pump Co. included many tables and extensive information for over 1,300 products. Attention to detail and consistency of design from page to page and section to section were critical to the success of this assignment. A high-resolution .pdf file of additional pages is available for viewing, if desired.

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
This is a rather long manual for Interon. Consistent formatting throughout the manual was a priority on this project. A high-resolution .pdf file of the entire manual is available for viewing, if desired.


Mail-order Catalog
This is a full-color, 32-page catalog for Hagar International, Inc. that (except for the photography) was completely designed and formatted by Precision Typesetting. This catalog was completed around 1997. A .pdf file of the entire catalog is available for viewing, if desired.