Blogs as Business Tools

April 20, 2009

Blogs started out as online journals, many times exclusively as a vehicle for personal expression. Like most other things, blogs have now “grown up” and are receiving much more respect as legitimate entities, rather than merely vanity pieces. Blogs are currently regarded as public platforms for political or social issues, news commentary, product promotions and any number of other uses. Just a few years ago, not many people knew what a blog was, and now it seems everyone needs one.

Blogs are almost a requisite part of a complete website these days. They provide a method to share details of the features or use of products, provide links to news articles or other topical information, or (like this one) detail more extensive information about certain aspects of a company. They have become an almost essential business tool, helping to spread the word and create additional substance and credibility for the company, providing a more well-rounded view of the products or services offered.

So, why do you need a blog on YOUR website?

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